All you need to know to satrt working on youtube

you want to satrt earning money online and you don't know where to start?
if your answer is yes so yout are in the right place that's what all website said XD:)
But I will be honest with you and give all positives  and negatives you will find in working as a youtuber .

well let's start
firstlly you have to know that there is lot meaning of beeing a youtuber which are :
A vlogger :is when you share videos with others about your life yout traveling every days or week.
A Reviewer : when you talk about a product or movie or website to encourage people to use .
A Gamer :If you are made about playing video games you can just recorde yourself when you do that and post it and see the coming up.
So before you start  think which one you are going to choose you have too ask your self what I am good at ?
ok take your time to find out which one you are going to choose and read this .
Somthings else you will need to start working on youtube are :

A laptop :how high is its performance will be better but be sure to have 2 Go on its RAM at less.
A line of internet which am  sure you have one which  you use right now to read this article .
A Montage Software here I advise you to start with Filmora or Camtasia  it's the best for someone begginer you can find how you can use them by searching on youtube you will find handerds of video about that just search and if you don't find anythings or you don't anderstand somthing ask us in comment we will be happy to answer you as fast as we can .
You will need also an Idea of the content of the video and believe how the idea is best the income of the video will be better .

If you have all that congradulations for you .you are 10 % ready to start working on youtube 

see you in the next Article about how to creat your youtube chanel like a professional one .

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