Creat your Youtube Chanel in Professional way to increase your limite income

Creat your Youtube Chanel in Professional way to increase your limite income -get Successful Youtube chanel

In this Article I will not show you how to creat a youtube chanel because it's easier than drink water but if you are not sure about yourself you can search how to do that on youtube everything exist in youtube you just need to ask it .
here I am going to talk about some points you have to deal with to have a professional chanel which are :
Name : you have to choose a meaning name of what you do in you chanel and search if there are no one use this name already because your chanel name have to be unique .
Logo : If you know how to use photoshop it's better  to do a logo for yourself don't try to do somthing unbelivable you just need a simple logo (for example first letter of your chanel name in special font and size ) if you need me to do a logo for you just text me and I will but you have to  pay me when you get your first income .
Facebook page : it's not necessary from the begining but you will need it so why not do it now .And I think we all know how to creat one if You don't just say it in the comment .

Twitter : it's the same as a facebook page .
Intro or your own begining of you videos : here you can also search in google about how to make an intro and you will find website that can make that for you  begin by the free one but after  you can buy it it's more better .ok to be honest for me I made it using an android app callled Legend search about it in the play store
outro : it's the same as the intro you can do it by the same way you did the intro .
The idea : for Me i m not going to do any strange video like that but I see first what in the trend of  the country I targeted And try to do a video about it in relationship of my chanel content .
thanks for reading this 

and see  yiu in the next article of how to have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watching .

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